A blessing in disguise

On my road of life, I met a wonderful cat.

I thought she is just passing through my life
as the first time we met, she came to me and I was living in my friend’s house
for a few days, while the cat arrived in my family land.
I noticed its beauty and its hunger. The cat was following me to even on a road
as she trusts me ihstantanatly beyond words, she was feeling I was a nice person
who loves animals, even more sensitive to animal lives now that I became a vegetarian since May 2015. Yes, this beautiful cat came to me while I was just staying for a week going from my land to my friend’s place, trying myself to find
a balance in a busy schedule and this cat, this beauty, quite slim and very young
at this time was really into me, naturally.
I did not do anything for that, I was not feeding her, just few things, some water,
just to help her, as my intention was to help her, through adoption.
I called some cat organizations and at the time, I was about to take pictures of her, before my departure, I did not see her again. I let it all be.

Then, I came back to Corsica, the 30th October, planning to stay just a few months,
I absolutely thought about the cat I met once on my road of life in September, while my stay was a one week journey. I thought about her, thinking I hope she is safe and fine.
I forgot about her, then. Then, one evening, while I was ocming back from my aunt’s place or Ajaccio, the main city, a cat arrived with a big presence, a cat
was miaoming at me, asking me certainly to get my affection
I was wondering suddendly if she was the same cat I met once.
This cat coming to me that day, was bigger, and much rounder, than the skinny little cat I met a couple of months ago.
I looked into her eyes, the colour of her fur, I understood, it was her, she recognized me too and she came to me again as if time did not go by.
She came back to me.

Planning Plan A to Plan C carefully, I was into imagining I am moving soon
from Corsica, the Island of Beauty.
I thought in December, I am going to do a workshop then yoga, then….
This cat, this beautiful cat was coming to me every moment of the day, asking me food at my door window, putting her insisting paws on my windows, insisting,
claiming food, attention, affection.
Sometimes I was getting pissed of by her, she was making noise around me and she was
doing it when I was eating my lunch or dinner, kind of guilt arose in me
she was also the kind of cat who have nothing to lose so she was trying hard to get what she really wants. Certainly, she was understanding, getting perfectly, that in spite of my fier resistance to push her away, each time she was coming to meet me
for food, for caress, for love
she could guess, I guess, my love for cats and animals actually.
My love for cats was until she arrived in my life, mainly dedicated to Luzaya
my beautiful female cat whom I adopted with a big smile on my face and a soft caress
in my heart in February 2003 and we met in January same year
and I fell in love with this beautiful frimousse who is such a gorgeous cat, with big tiger eyes, green eyes like me, who looks like they are painted of khol.
I fell in love and I am still in love with Luzaya, she is magnificent of love
she is a pure light cat, her name is related to her presence in my life
she brought me light in my heart, hope, happiness again
she is a wonderful friend, even though my mother since some time
took her in her life and they became best friends naturally.

Because I love Luzaya, I wanted the best for her, so when it was time
for me to choose for her, between her captivity in my appartement
or total freedom in my mother garden and a new house
I choose the best for her : Love, freedom and new bright beginnings.
Ever since, she is a happy cat living with my mother
They are both happy together!
Yes, she was happy with me, too but when I moved, she enjoyed so much
my mother’s garden so I could feel she was learning to enjoy
new surroundings with great delight in her heart born to be free.
As a mother wants the best for her child
my mother’s love for Luzaya convinces me to relay Luzaya to a new sweetness
of living, exploring life in nature, not only in a cosy appartment,
enjoying a wildness and her free unlimited space 🙂

In Orcino, when the cat arrived in my life, I was feeling :  » How can I love her ?
I love only one cat, this is Luzaya!  »
Saying something like  » I can’t love you cause I already love my cat Luzaya
there is no room for another cat’s love.

This cat still insisted every day, every moment, even when I was getting mad at her,
or I was pushing her away,
like the day, she almost ate food without my permission,
still, in her heart, she has only love for me.

One day, I could open my eyes even more,
when after throwing water at her, cause she was asking me more food
from me, with big miaows! a nice friend of mine noticed her
and said she was a female cat!
I actually thought it was a male!
She said to me : Look how she is beautiful, she is asking from you,
your attention, your sweetness,

my perspective changed then, as my friend’s words were resonating
deep in me
Yes, I was now asking to myself:  » Could this cat into my life
be a blessing in disguise ?  »

With all my plans, my worries, my stress, the little food I was giving her
from my own homemade cooking, she took it all
and still came back faithfully to me every day.

It seemed to me clearer now that this cat who showed up by magic
into my life, which I took care to plan in a certain way
knew, felt before me, that my plan are going to be shaken off
and she was part of the new plan.

The minute, I saw the bigger picture, I felt like blessed by the Divine
who sent me this lovely, beautiful, loving creature to my side
for not only not feeling lonely in Orcino, all by myself,
but also for her sheer presence, her luminous beauty and presence
her cat figure, and her cat expressions which is an inspiration
when you love being with animals.

This cat I am talking now even chose her name
when that day, I was in a search of a beautiful name for her
and while I was asking her loud :  » Do you like this name?  » What aobut this new one ?  »
I did put on the side the concern this morning
then, I was typing on my computer,
she was sitting next to it
extending all her legs lenght on the buttons of my computer
a magical word formed : it formed with all the letters typed :
the word  » Zaée  »

I felt straight away that God and the Angels and herself chose this name for
my new blessing in my life.

Thank you Zaée for being in my life

thank you for your unconditional love,

thank you for your positive energy

thank you for your exhuberance

thank you for your open heart big as a sun

thank you for your deep intelligence who understands

me before I talk

thank you for having come into my life

you are a gift from Heaven

a gift of Joy Love and Light

as Luzaya has and is always a pure gift of Joy Love Light

Thank you beautiful cats of my heart

I love you 🙂

May you be always, safe, loved and protected by God and the Angels

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Bienvenue! Je suis Laeticia Romanetti et j'écris pour le plaisir, pour cultiver l'émerveillement, l'optimisme, l'inspiration, l'expansion Je suis auteur, bloggeuse, chanteuse, sound healer Je suis également la créatrice d'un livre pour enfants illustré merveilleusement. Vous pouvez aussi me retrouver tous les lundis sur ma chaine YouTube " Résonance Harmonie " pour les " Sweet Monday ". Merci Gracias Grazie Thank you

Woaw! Bravo!!!

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