Focusing on the positive

Whenever you are crossing challenges in your life
Just focus on the positive
Focus on all the beauty in you, above and around you
and beneath you
Focus on listening to your breath
letting the air in through your nose
and letting the air go through your mouth
Focus on everything you can be aware of at the moment
the wind caressing your cheek, your computer you can freely type
words on, the music you can listen to, the food which is in your plates
the fruits which are in the trees waiting for you to be enjoyed
the power of a smile, a kind word, a happy song tickling your mind and heart
focus on the clothes you are wearing, all your body and senses, sixth sense+
which are present here and now
Focus on the sound of your chimney
Notice the softness and peaceful grace of your cat sitting next to you
in its total trust and surrender to love
Focus on the unfolding of your life
made of Love, Light, Easiness, grace, peace, harmony, happiness, fun,4/Joy
Focus on your sacred life, your sacred heart
you are beautiful just as you are
Just be
And feel, meet the blessings which are here and now
waiting for you to be embraced


Publié par cmagnifique1

Bienvenue! Je suis Laeticia Romanetti et j'écris pour le plaisir, pour cultiver l'émerveillement, l'optimisme, l'inspiration, l'expansion Je suis auteur, bloggeuse, chanteuse, sound healer Je suis également la créatrice d'un livre pour enfants illustré merveilleusement. Vous pouvez aussi me retrouver tous les lundis sur ma chaine YouTube " Résonance Harmonie " pour les " Sweet Monday ". Merci Gracias Grazie Thank you

Woaw! Bravo!!!

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