20:20 Divine Timing

Yesterday, Ma oh my! I got such great fountain of abondance
coming to me, as pouring from the sky, as a Divine Shower.
Doors were opening up to me suddenly as I did just listen my guidance
in the morning.
This intuitive guidance was just about feeling absolutely to write a call
for people who needs Angel card reading on my facebook page and timeline in French and English. I wrote it as I am mostly writing
my words, in one instant, naturally. And I was not asking myself how the people
are going to pay me, I felt it was serving others, helping others who need clarity in their lives, as we all do sometimes. I was not aware of who would read my post,
I just felt the need to reach out to others, to stretch my hands to others, even strangers, or new acquaintances to me.
And magic happened! This fountain of abondance opened. People at the right time and the right moment reached me, yesterday after posting this spontaneous ad in or calling for Angel card reading. People did contact me, they instantanatly felt to trust me, to ask me questions about their lives, to ask me for an Angel card reading.
Since May 2015, after my certification from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, I felt I could work now professionally,
I was offering my services as an Angel card reader in exchange for a notebook at the real beginning ( I remember) but nobody contacted me via my ads on several ad boards in shops, or even via my ad on online websites.
Anyway, I still offered my service with great delight to my friends, some family members and mainly people who were perfect strangers to me, met on the road of life,
met via the group of certified angel card readers spread out into the world. I offered my intuitive services to people also met on the road
who seem to be lost, or drained, or depressed or with lack of confidence in their lives.

So, I said  » hey, call me or email me with your message and I will do an Angel card reading for you.
I even did it for my bank advisor, such a wonderful lady, who I felt like she would love to work as a life coach, she called me once regarding her love life.
It took me courage too to talk freely about the Angels to everyone I meet or even my family,some of my friends too
I was afraid of judgement, of being rejected, of being treated as crasy or insane
But deep inside me, I knew I was on the right path, I felt I was now an intuitive counselor because it was meant to be in my life, as my new career transition arised naturally,
I felt to say bye bye to the world of auditions, film and stage, running after casting and pushing doors so that an amazing casting director discover me as the new talent or the new Meryl Streep to become.

Yes, I truly admire Meryl Streep, I truly admire Robert Redford, Audrey Hepburn, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams and many more actors, oups, I forgot other wonderful versatiles
actors such as Robert Deniro, Clint Eastwood and Daniel Day Lewis, Philip Seymour Hoffman
o many actors and actresses I love

But deep inside, something was telling and is still telling me that I am here on this planet for much more that just being on stage for defending a role in the Oscars competition. I love actors and I am still not sure I am born to fit in a world made of competition, made of ego flattery or ego concerns.
I always felt guided since I am a kid, even a teenager, to reach out to other people
who seem sad, poor, lost
and in my life as an actress, I can see that I have been leading many projects with others,
different beautiful projects
so yes, born as a leader, that’s true I have some resistance
to be directed by others, even sometimes film directors
or working in a corporate companies
I all the time enjoy to lead the space with love, inspiration
and fun and Joy.
I did work very independently without a boss coming checking my work all the time
when I taught to kids from 4 to 5 years old
French classes in London, also I was my own boss as a freelance translator or even as becoming published poet.
Teaching children is one of the best experiences in my life as I love to see children happy,
around me, smilling, lauging, playing, having fun, feeling confident in their own lives, it is so beautiful, to see them spreading up their own wings
in life.

So, yes, I can see clearly now, everything fit into place at a perfect and Divine Timing. Trust in it!

Yes,I was ready to be an intuitive counselor, it was a question of time.
It was just a question of gathering new and more tools into my life
and diving in the Sixth sensory life with total trust, with a total embrace of the
intuitive living into your daily life.

It is true that when my father went to the other realm, the 6 June 2013, something changed in me.
I don’t know why.
I felt supported, guided, lifted up, quite quickly after his funeral,instead of feeling down, on the ground,absolutely shattered.
I know now it was about my father presence in my life and the presence of Angels and guides next to me.
I am sure too that singing often this song  » I have a dream, I believe in Angels  »
composed by Abba, helped me reaching the Angels, without being aware at that time that I could indeed associate with them in my new way of living and feeling and understanding the world around me, within me too.
At that time, when I began to practise naturally this song, I was not imagining
at all myself, leaving behind me the world of acting
and beginning a new career transition which is supoorted from the beginning by the Angels as an intuitive counselor.

The beauty of being living in a new paradigm, or entering step by step into it, is that we are not limiting ourselves to explore new ways of creating, of learning new things, of trying new things, of having fun, of feeling joy, of working in different creative careers with happiness in your heart.

The intuitive path is all about living with Joy, Bliss, Faith, Full and open creativity, to tune in with your heart.

Life is magical! Living is magical!

With Divine Timing, magic happens too 😉

As a flower bloom at a Divine Timing 🙂

As yesterday, after my guided meditation with Archangel Michael, I received two new emails on my mail box and one was magic : my real first payment as an intuitive counselor.
The clock was announcing 20.20 on my laptop called Sparkle by the way 😉

See, there are just synchroncities happening all the time in our lives.

It is question of being present and open to blessings, gifts, signs
coming to us from God or the Source and all the Angels who also love us deeply and infinitely.

Thank you Divine Timing!

Thank you to all the Archangels, the Angels, my guardian Angels, my guides, ascended masters, loved ones who support me and love me unconditionally
inspire me to be the person I am truly 🙂

Love and Light to all my readers !

InJOY! 😉

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Bienvenue! Je suis Laeticia Romanetti et j'écris pour le plaisir, pour cultiver l'émerveillement, l'optimisme, l'inspiration, l'expansion Je suis auteur, bloggeuse, chanteuse, sound healer Je suis également la créatrice d'un livre pour enfants illustré merveilleusement. Vous pouvez aussi me retrouver tous les lundis sur ma chaine YouTube " Résonance Harmonie " pour les " Sweet Monday ". Merci Gracias Grazie Thank you

Woaw! Bravo!!!

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