Stepping Stone

Waow! The Angels were telling us these days clearly that our dreams are coming true, I felt that my dreams were coming to reality
as I know now, I am aware that I deserve all the abondance in the world. As when you are truly happy, abondant in your life, your happiness inspire others, when you speak from a place of love, it is why I am heading to every day, even though, my fears of course, I live a human journey 😉 even though my fears appeared, show up to me, I am aware that I am willing, I am choosing every day to live in a place of complete love, I am choosing to live in a place of LOVE instead of fear.
It is also part of my magnificent journey to accept and love my humanness, Yes!
I am here on Earth, as much as you to thrive, to be happy, to feel inspired, to feel fulfilled from the inside and out, to feel loved, blessed and grateful and to share all this magnificent good with others all around me : my family, my friends, all my loved ones
and with all the Universe included the Animal Kingdom, Mother Nature which cover us of so many abondant blessings when we are aware of.

Absolutely, there is not one day that I am not feeling truly grateful for being here in this beautiful planet called Earth, to be part of this vibrant loving, magnificent, love powered Universe.
I cherish every day as much as I feel love in my heart, I feel the whistle of my heart, and I love listening the whispers of the wind, or gazing at the starry sky which showers us with beauty, infinite beauty, beyond measures, as deep is our heart too.
I learned that yes, in every situation, even challenged as it seemed, there is a pearl, there is a diamond in it.
For example, since yesterday, in my house, there is no water, I still have water outside of this house but today I shifted my consciousness,
I realize I have no water, it is also a way to show me that I have so much abondance every day available to me, that sometimes I may take for granted.
It is possible that I took for granted to have water running naturally from every tub in my house, and now I am seing that having a shower, being able to drink as much water as I want, is a sign of abondance, of richness, a daily blessing
which also allowed me to share with the people around me,
when I make tea for my family or friends for instance, who come joyfully visiting me.
I have no water in my house but I have everything I need. I know that everything happens for a reason and I feel the water solution is on its way YES! I am learning every day to accept a situation and to go with the flow.
I am learning to respect the Diving timing of things, of events in our lives. I am learning to let things unfold, whereas previously in my life, I had a tendency to push the things to happen, to push the auditions to meet a casting director or to push the doors for getting someone to love me, to push the door for increasing my abondance as I was coming from a consciousness of lack, of fear. A consciousness where you feel you don’t deserve all the good in the Universe because you learned by the sociey that life is hard, life is a struggle, life is a fight to achieve your dreams, it is what we learned at school, it is what we learn in all the majority of jobs, to fight for a place, to fight for your dreams, to fight for having a great salary.

Hey Ho! These are all lies. A conditionning by our society.

The truth is the Universe is abondant. The Universe loves you
and wants you as you are a God’s child, the best for you
which is The Universe, God or the Higher Intelligence, Greatest magician of all times, wish each of us to be happy.

The Greatest magician loves to see us happy, to smile, to love
to share love and receive love. He loves when our life is a reflection of our true nature which is LOVE and LIGHT.

This is our essence. You’d better accept it now!

Watch a cat, watch a child, and you will understand everything.

They live naturally moment to moment and they are happy to go with the flow.

They move with grace, they trust that all their needs are met. They love us unconditionnally. They give us love and they are showering us naturally with their love.

Somewhere in my life, a shift happened, a shift of consciousness in me and in my life. It came when I was far away from my family, my friends, the familiarity, the comfortable situations.
I feel somewhere, sometime in Uruguay, even I was feeling the need to center myself more in London, it really happened clearly in Uruguay, where my love life was coming to a sort of dead end and I was feeling Hey ! I am truly alive, I have so much to live, to give and to receive
so why am I still holding on tightly to a possible relationship which was not serving my highest good, except for learning and move on?

It is exactly what I did, I learned that day, I saw it super clearly that enough is enough : I deserve the best !
so I am going to move on from this unhealthy situation which I have been created since I was not clear in my desires as I was in a state of feeling I have a lack of love, I was coming in my love life in this moment at a place of fear.

Accepting that the best service I could offer to myself, was to be happy and that situation, I was allowing this situation and this particular relationship to make me feel miserable. I witnessed that day my need, my vital need to take care of myself,
to take care of nurturing myself with healthy habits, healthy thoughts, healthy food and healthy daily routine.

It comes from a place of self-love. Looking within us all the treasures we have available, to tune in our Divine essence, to listen to our heart, and to not let our ego lead the dance of life.

There is no lack in the Universe.

Abondance is within each one of us, we have amazing ressources in ourselves which can open a number of infinite doors and they are here to support us, to build the life of our dreams as long as we allow ourselves to receive and open our hearts and arms to all the good the Universe wants to offer us
naturally, as a flower receives the sunshine in her petals or the rain when necessary, we are born to receive and share and give all the good the Universe has for us.
we are born to be happy, to be joyful, to be inspired by life
we are born to love 🙂

We are Love We are Light We are Divine

Love is the answer 😉

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Bienvenue! Je suis Laeticia Romanetti et j'écris pour le plaisir, pour cultiver l'émerveillement, l'optimisme, l'inspiration, l'expansion Je suis auteur, bloggeuse, chanteuse, sound healer Je suis également la créatrice d'un livre pour enfants illustré merveilleusement. Vous pouvez aussi me retrouver tous les lundis sur ma chaine YouTube " Résonance Harmonie " pour les " Sweet Monday ". Merci Gracias Grazie Thank you

Woaw! Bravo!!!

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