Flower of Life

Yes, have a laugh, play, don’t take life too seriously,

Have fun, explore, fall, and stand up, try again with your fun for life. Be present to life. Breath in! Breath out! Enjoy the sun

outside, cultivate your inner sun, your inner smile. Make bubbles, be bubbly, be a team player, invite others to dance your

dance or create a dance all together. Dare to be different. Shine just the way you are. And create the place where you love to

play with the others. For the big kid like me, this place is my home the one I can create interacting with my loved ones:

family and friends, this place is also the world and my work place, ideally. My dream job is creative so I want to build a place

where it feels good to work with other team players who are like my work partners such as kids who play together and

manifest a vibrant world, full of imagination and fun, explore ways of being together, learning and sharing together,

building gates instead of walls, sweeping away problems for welcoming solutions with cooperation, association.

I want to build, create a dream job where my partners feel good to express themselves as much as myself, the leader who

guides the team. I want to create a work in harmony with my true heart’s desires, resonance of my

higher self which purpose is LOVE.

I want to work in what makes my heart sing with joy, every day and welcome songs all the way.

I want to make my life a masterpiece where others feel welcomed and inspired to create with me, in harmony

for a better world.

Make my world a symphony to invite others to play their most beautiful notes in resonance with our world,

our magnificent universe where we all play a great part for living in harmony with all living beings.

Publié par cmagnifique1

Bienvenue! Je suis Laeticia Romanetti et j'écris pour le plaisir, pour cultiver l'émerveillement, l'optimisme, l'inspiration, l'expansion Je suis auteur, bloggeuse, chanteuse, sound healer Je suis également la créatrice d'un livre pour enfants illustré merveilleusement. Vous pouvez aussi me retrouver tous les lundis sur ma chaine YouTube " Résonance Harmonie " pour les " Sweet Monday ". Merci Gracias Grazie Thank you

Woaw! Bravo!!!

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