Amour Amour ;-)

I love fireflies in the night, I love home-made fire in the chimney, I love Mary Poppins, I love Alladin and it flying carpet

I love bees and their sweet honey, I love bears and their magnificence, I love lions and their nonchalence and their authentic strength, I love elephants and their majestic power and beauty I love birds and their colours and enchanting songs ( generally 😉 ) I love frogs whenever they sing or jump with joy, I love dolphins swimming in the ocean of freedom and play with the waves and friends, I love Amélie Poulain and her sweetness, I love kisses by the man I love, I love chocolate, I love airballoon, I love walking on the soft sand, and feeling the sea breath next to my cheek, I love greeting people with smiles,

I love singing songs which call upon love, I love dancing in the sun and in the rain, I love feeling the wind caressing my hair,

I love when my hand is holding your hand, I love when the silence talks between us, I love when happy surprises are coming

at my door.

I love life.

Tell me, what do you love ?

P.S : This list is as infinite as my learning experience on Planet Earth.      8

Sweet dreams to all of you 🙂


Publié par cmagnifique1

Bienvenue! Je suis Laeticia Romanetti et j'écris pour le plaisir, pour cultiver l'émerveillement, l'optimisme, l'inspiration, l'expansion Je suis auteur, bloggeuse, chanteuse, sound healer Je suis également la créatrice d'un livre pour enfants illustré merveilleusement. Vous pouvez aussi me retrouver tous les lundis sur ma chaine YouTube " Résonance Harmonie " pour les " Sweet Monday ". Merci Gracias Grazie Thank you

Woaw! Bravo!!!

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